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I began using Pinterest last year as an experiment to showcase my artwork and my illustrated characters’ lives as well as images or subjects that inspire my creativity. I have recently found it useful as a way to collect images for research related to my illustration projects.

I am taking part in an online Skillshare class about hand-lettering, and the main lesson revolves around choosing a quote to draw. I’m using Pinterest to collect the images I’d like to use as style and inspiration reference for when I am ready to begin sketching my ideas. The quote I have chosen is from the TV show, “Dr. Who.” I won’t reveal it right now, but I will share the Pinterest reference board and more about my work as I work through the lessons for the class: Hand-lettering Class Research Pinboard.


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A fellow illustrator told me to check out recently. Its a great site for illustrators, a place to connect, ask questions, and pat each other on the back. Who doesn’t need that once in a while? They also have an “illustrator search” area for art buyers.

It is free to post a profile image, although the images must be “of great quality” as deemed by the editors of the site. Another great idea and resource for illustrators. Check it out sometime!

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