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This is a great year for the Christmas/Hanukkah card! I had these printed up a couple of years ago and they have been listed in The Nancydraws Shop, but this year Hanukkah and Christmas fall so closely together I am hoping this card gets the attention it deserves.

A Hanukkah & Christmas card.

A Hanukkah & Christmas card.

On one side, Adele is trying to wrap Christmas gifts at home, but Henrí has decided, as cats do, to take a nap in the middle of the operation and might have pulled a decoration or two off of the tree to play with.

On the Hanukkah side of the card is a dignified Percival Featherington III, slurping up some Lo Mein noodles with an urban landscape in the background. I know that this isn’t quite how Hanukkah is celebrated, but I have gotten a lot of laughs and good reactions to it.

There are interior greetings to go with each side of the card. The Hanukkah side simply says “Happy Hanukkah,” next to two fortune cookies. The Christmas greeting says “Merry Christmas, it’s a wrap!” With a small drawing of Henrí bundled in wrapping paper above.

Interior greetings.

Interior greetings.

If you prefer one greeting per card, each image is also available on its own card, but this one is a two-for-one bargain, don’t miss out on the perfect year to send some to your dual-religion friends and family!

If you order one card, it is $4; 6 cards for $15; and 10 for $22. See this card and all of my other holiday greetings in The Nancydraws Shop.

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Here’s an image from a booklet about Adele and Henrí that I intend on self-publishing in print and tablet forms. I’ll share more details once I am closer to being finished. If you scroll down you’ll see the first finished illustration and a sketch for another that I will begin soon.

Are you on Twitter? Adele is now twittering, as is my pigeon friend, Percival Featherington III. You can find them under these Twitter handles: @Adele_18th and @Percival_F3

This tip is travel related: “Attach a decorated basket to your bicycle.”
Henrí’s though bubble will be “This one is nicely sized!”

Adele’s tip for adding French style to your wardrobe: “Accessorize with scarves!”
Henrí’s reaction: “Mmmmf! Mmmf!”

Au revoir, thanks for checking in!

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Here’s the finished portrait of every one’s favorite Bird-About-Town, Percival Featherington III, framed by lovely scroll-work and Brooklyn-baked bagels. For the frame, I transferred my original drawing onto fabric and embroidered the design, then enlarged it when I scanned it in to work the collage aspect in Photoshop.

Ms. Holly Moser-Ross is the winner of a framed print of this artwork, but I will also offer it as a print and blank greeting card in The Nancydraws Shop… soon!

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“Holiday Shoppers,” available at The Nancydraws Shop:

Well, its the last week before Christmas, and not even a week before Hanukkah begins. I’m sure there are still cards to write, cookies to bake, parties to attend, and gifts buy and wrap, so thanks for taking a look at my blog post today. I want to share some pictures to show what inspired a greeting card that I created last year, which is pictured above, “Holiday Shoppers.”

If you spend much time in Manhattan at this time of year, you’ll see people wandering around the city with all kinds of colorful and festive shopping bags. Since this week is the height of the holiday shopping season, I’ve taken a bunch of photos of these bags, which you’ll see when you scroll down.

This illustration also reminds me of a story a friend of mine told me from when she was in high school. She went to midtown after school in December with a friend to see the store window decorations along Fifth Avenue. Both of them were raised in a blue-collar Queens neighborhood and had their backpacks with them as they walked around and enjoyed the sites. They both felt a little out of place, walking past others in fur coats, carrying their purchases from the ritzy stores along the avenue in festive shopping bags.

The friend suggested going into Saks Fifth Avenue and requested 2 shopping bags from one of the sales clerks. The two then placed their backpacks in the bags and felt better about “blending in” with the rest of the well-to-do shopping crowd. So, you never know what’s in those bags you see people carrying down the street!

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I was lucky enough to attend a workshop given by illustrator, Hanoch Piven, ( last Tuesday, at the Society of Illustrators in New York. Mr. Piven creates striking yet simple images with objects and is well-known for his celebrity and pop culture caricatures.

The evening began with a brief slide show of his portfolio examples, famous collages from art history, and art created in previous workshops. Meanwhile, all of us were salivating over the long supply table in the center of the room, which was loaded with a plethora of objects and ephemera that we would soon be using for our collage pieces. There were sewing notions, sequins, old tools, construction paper, dead light bulbs, feathers, buttons, jewelry parts, odds-and-ends; all kinds of things, as well as glue guns for assembling our masterpieces.

Our challenge was to focus on the items available to us and “let the objects guide you” as to what our final “drawing” would become, and to play around with and manipulate the objects until we found some inspiration from them. Mr. Piven stressed that we were “drawing with objects,” and not choosing items from the table based on a preconceived idea for an image. If we needed a specific concept to get started with he said it was alright to work with the idea of a face or portrait.

I brought all kinds of things back to my table but I soon found myself playing with a zipper. When I unzipped it half way, it looked like a pair of legs running. I decided this was not enough to base my image on but I was loving the “legginess” and thought that if I had more zippers, maybe I could make an animal with more than two legs… maybe an octopus? Luckily I found enough zippers to create 8 legs. After playing around will all of these some more, I discovered that a squid would be best, considering the available materials.

To finish, I cut the head out of paper and made a hole for the eye to poke through. I used the round part of a kazoo, which I had with me since we had been instructed to bring some of our own objects to use. I added a silver, plastic arrow with a feather glued on to represent a harpoon that the squid is fleeing from.

And here is how it turned out:

I was very impressed with how quickly all of the collages came together. We only had about an hour and a half to work, then a half hour to assemble and glue everything down before the display and critique at the close of the evening. I had a great time figuring out what I was going to make and really got into that creative “zone” while I arranged everything. It just made me feel lucky to be an artist. The great thing is, is that anyone can give this method a try and see what you come up with. I hope you’ll be as surprised and pleased as I was with the outcome!

An assistant was taking photos of the collages, so I will hopefully be able to post a link with more pictures from the workshop, there were many amazing results.

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