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This year I was inspired to create handmade cards for friends and family instead of having one of my designs printed. This meant that I was not able to send them to a long list of recipients as in years past but in the end I think I made and sent about 45 cards.


To keep the cards affordable, simple, and colorful I started with large sheets of plain, brown craft paper, then ripped up and glued down shreds of colored tissue paper that I had on hand.


After the glue dried I cut the craft paper into 5″ strips and cut those strips into 8.5″ lengths to form individual cards. After that, it was time to draw and personalize …


I began with a handful of images and themes sketched out on a piece of paper but sometimes allowed the shapes and colors on each card speak to me. I liked making each card a little different. Even if I reused an image/idea, I tried something new with the drawing.


It was important to me to send out something personal and special since I have received so much love and support from my friends and family through my career change and relocation process, which is far from over. I wish I’d had the time to make more of them so I’ll have to try it again for another occasion!

Supplies used to create these cards: Craft paper, tissue paper, glue stick, scissors, ruler, Uniball pens, imagination, love.

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If you like to cook with a sense of humor, then check out my Foodietoo temporary tattoo designs applied to kitchen aprons. I am testing out this new product idea since the images in their original form were such a hit with my customers.

Now there are three Foodietoos-themed aprons available in The Nancydraws Shop:
Quel Fromage
Lucky Kale
Honeycrisp Apple Cult

My friends Beth and Philip allowed me to use their gorgeous kitchen as a location to take photos for use with the Etsy listings. Beth and I enjoyed figuring out the best angles, framing, and arranging the different foods for me to pose with. She happened to have cheese, kale, and apples at home, so we switched out the food whenever I changed aprons!

The photos below are some fun out-takes from that day.


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A quick post to remind you that if you are in the New York City area this Sunday, September 21, I hope you’ll be able to stop by the Ridgewood Market in Queens.

I will be there selling items from The Nancydraws Shop: Foodietoos, greeting cards, prints and original art from my “Love, New York” series. Look for my purple and green table display!

The Ridgewood Market is open from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Location details:
Gottscheer Hall, 657 Fairview Ave. Ridgewood, NY 11385 (between Linden St. and Gates Ave.)
Near the L, J, and M trains

Follow Ridgewood Market on social media:
Instagram @RidgewoodMarket
Twitter @ridgewoodmarket
Ridgewood Market Facebook Page


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I made a deal with myself tonight that I’d write a blog post or do some work related to my illustration business before I ate dinner. This is usually my game plan on the evenings that I come home from my day job in magazine publishing and don’t have any set social plans. Luckily tonight I’m making my Mom’s classic pasta salad which does not need to be eaten hot, so I made it first and sat down to write this, so it will be ready for me when I’m done writing.

I always love a tasty, healthy and fresh meal to feed my body and this meal will be a soul-feeder too, I was just on a family vacation a couple of weeks ago and a recipe from Mom’s collection is a comfort for the times I miss being with my family in person.

Working toward my goals and dreams is the ultimate soul-feeder, of course. I never seem to have as much time as I want for pursuing those goals but my thoughts on that lately have been to make the most of what time I do have.

My current project is the creation of original art to sell in The Nancydraws Shop… I won’t give it all away but it has to do with living in New York City as an artist and appreciator of the beauty and unique situations that are part of that experience.

I began some experimental sketches and tests earlier this summer (see the image below), so far I’m happy with the way they are coming along, and feel hopeful that I’ll get a good response. But the process of creating something in a new way is also important, and its helping to bring the fun back into my artistic technique. I am looking forward to seeing where that will lead me down the road.

Now, back to feeding my body, be well until my next post!

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I am finished with long-ish break from my magazine/office gig and was able to get some good art time in during the past couple of weeks. This seems like a natural time of reflection for me each month; changing gears to be back on a different schedule while trying to keep the momentum going and keep my own work moving forward.

For the past few months I have had many ideas and projects, and at times I am never completely sure that I am working on the “right” thing. I want to show that I can do graphic design as well as production and illustration, so I have some design ideas going, there are a few art gifts I am working on for friends, sketching and rewriting my new story starring Adelé, a series of illustrations of cakes, sending out resumes and query letters, a day of freelancing on a project for my toy designer friends, blogging, planning the opening of my shop, plus unsuccessfully trying to find time to learn new software. And, the boring stuff… updating that mailing list and making some tweaks to my website, etc.

I was able to get small bits of each thing done, and did actually finish a task or two. The big questions that has been living in the back of my head for the past 3-6 months are: How can I get my illustration to the next level? Is one of the ideas I am working on now my “next big thing?” Do I need to alter or enhance my style to gain more attention? It is going to take some time to find the answers to these questions, I know greatness is not achieved without a lot of time and hard work.

It has really helped to keep a list of goals for each week, it helps to have that structure to help me remember what to do next. I am looking forward to getting my Etsy Shop going … There’s nothing there as of this week, but I hope to post some prints for sale this month, with the help of Mom and Dad. (Thank you!!!)

So, I hope the Etsy shop will help bring more focus to my efforts and lead to more web traffic and networking, maybe some $$ along the way. I am glad to have so many outlets for my creativity; when I can’t get inspired to work on one thing, I can always switch to something different. I just don’t want to let myself avoid what is more important, if only I could decide what is more important!

Until next time, I will post a sketch or two of Adelé in progress.

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