Foodietoos for Summer Fun

Since the warm temperatures are with us once again, I’d like to remind you that wearing Foodietoos (temporary tattoos) can be fun and entertaining! They are a conversation-starter at any barbeque or picnic. Just think: You could wear the Foodietoo equivalent of an ingredient in the salad or snack that you brought to the party! Wear “Lucky Kale” and bring a Kale Caesar Salad. Curate an artisinal cheese and charcuterie board with “Quel Fromage” on your arm. Foodietoos are the perfect summer accessory.

I have also expanded the line to include greeting cards with Foodietoos attached as a small gift. The “Gluten Forever” love card (inside greeting: I love you more than carbs themselves.), and two birthday cards, one that features “Quel Fromage” (inside greeting: Yep, it’s another birthday. But at least there’s cheese!) and the other, “Lucky Kale” (inside greeting: Wishing you lots of love, luck, and greens this year.”).

I created my line of Foodietoos during the summer months of 2014, and in mid-August they first became available to customers. With this project I’m sharing my sense of humor and my passion for combining words and images. It has been so enjoyable to hear laughter and see folks react in-person at the craft shows I’ve attended.

Check out Foodietoos in The Nancydraws Shop! The tattoos are available individually or in a set of eight.

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