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I have taken on some tasks for the fall to achieve more creative momentum, and so far things are looking good. I am in week four of’s “Holiday Boot Camp.” Each week, participants are given a business-related article or two to read and a list of shop-tweaking tasks to complete in order to get everyone ready for the online shoppers who will be browsing for unique and creative items on Etsy. I’m also working on a few new items to post in my shop. This past week we were asked to update our bio or public profile, which was helpful because it is similar to my other big fall goal: applying for the NYFA grant.

The application for the grant is going to be much more challenging, a 700-word resume and 200-word artist’s statement is required, along with eight examples of my work from the past 5 years. Selecting the work examples is no problem; luckily I have more than eight images to choose from. I am planning on getting started on the writing next week, some kind of rough draft. I know I am probably the world’s best expert on myself and my artwork but I think explaining that in 700 words is going to be difficult!

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I was thinking last night, about how inspiring Halloween is to me. I often come up with an idea early, maybe in mid-August. This year inspiration didn’t hit until a few of weeks ago and I’m finally going to take action this weekend to get started on gathering the supplies that I need. Elaine and I are planning on driving out to a fabric store on Long Island (better deals and selection!) to see what we can find. Luckily I probably won’t need much more than some felt to add to and embellish pieces I already own! But I’m not going to reveal my costume idea right now…. stay tuned.

Leading up to the big holiday, I am going to try to post images from Halloweens-past of some of my favorite costumes. I might not have something each and every day, but I’ll see what I can do. It will probably continue past Halloween, too, since I’ll have to show off my creation for this year.

Here’s one of my ultra-faves- Fabulous Bee! I am embodying one of my illustrated characters. Tara is dressed as Thelma from Scooby Doo! I remember that at the party we attended that night there was a group dressed as the Scooby Doo gang that did not have a Thelma! That was a hilarious moment, I definitely have a picture of that somewhere.

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