Antiracist Ancestors Zine Launch

After learning about Sarah and Angelina Grimké through the Crosscultural Solidarity Project, I was inspired to learn more about them and create this zine. It was impressive to read about their dedication to activism around abolition and feminism despite the fact that women in the 1800s were not encouraged to be leaders or to have goals unrelated to marriage and raising children.

Before being introduced to the Crosscultural Soilidarity Project through a We Are Finding Freedom workshop, I didn’t know any stories of ordinary white folx who contributed to racial equity and justice throughout history. If stories like these are hidden, it cmay seem that only racialized groups bear the burden of antiracist activism. By shining a light on lesser-known stories I want to help folx understand that positive change happens when we unite on what we have in common.

“Antiracist Ancestors, Volume 1, Issue 1: The Sisters Grimké, Persuasion and Perseverance”
• Page count: 8 (including front and back cover)
• Dimensions: 5.5″ x 8.5″
• Ink: Black & white

Visit The Nancydraws Shop on to purchase a copy!

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