Illustrations by Nancy C. Sampson

Bike rideAdele and Henrí ValentineAdele & Henrí Vespa BirthdayChristmas Gift Tagsbfly-retireBaby's 1st Birthday
Colson Patisserie, printColson Patisserie; Love, New YorkColson Patisserie, original artcookie-cardFlatbush Farm illustration printMore Christmas Gift Tags!
gifttags2-group"Hairstyles I've Seen on the Subway" (with Cindy)Hairstyles I've Seen on the Subway; Love, New York illustration print"Hairstyles..." print detailHairstyles I've Seen on the Subway; Love, New Yorklucy-sticker-art

Illustrations by Nancy C. Sampson, a set on Flickr.

I’ve had a Flickr account for as long as I can remember, which isn’t very long, 6 years (?) and only recently discovered how great it is for artist networking and sharing. There are all kinds of groups to join, and once you join them you may post images of your art to them. So far I have joined the Pikaland group (hi Amy!), What I Wore Today, Illustration Friday, Illustration, Paper Fetish, Good Paper Goods, and Etsy Greetings.

Aside from the obvious and directly-related groups I’ve joined already I need to find the groups that my potential clients and customers are following. I’m thinking NYC- and Paris-centric, or travel and design themed groups.

Other suggestions, anyone?

Off I go!

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