Illustrations by Nancy C. Sampson

Fashion Weak

Fashion Week started here in New York City on February 6, and I was freelancing with a fashion-related publication at that time and I thought of this image.

New York Fashion Week is such an exciting time… I have never been to a fashion show
but I like checking out  The Cut blog on New York Magazine‘s website or WWD for reviews and slide shows of the latest designs appearing on the runways.

Even though I have not experienced any of the festivities I’m pretty sure none of the attendees or models are wearing pajama pants!

8 Responses to “Play On Words: Fashion Weak”

  1. Noelle Shough

    One of my pet peeves is people who wear pajama pants in public. Is it soooo hard to don real pants to leave the house? Sheesh.

  2. Greg

    This reminds me of college. Many people seemed to exert so much effort to “look right” on the weekend that, fashion energy depleted, all they could do during the week was roll out of bed and straight into class!

    Of course, I say all this from my home office while wearing sweat pants and an old t-shirt…


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