One of my most beloved characters, Adele came to life after my first trip to Paris in 2001. “Paris Rain” was her very first appearance in my artwork and I’ve created a detailed story for her since then. She’s a travel photographer, based in Montmatre, Paris, has many friends around the world and lives with her talking cat, Henrí. The two of them have appeared on many of my holiday cards for sale in The Nancydraws Shop.

Here are a few of my favorite illustrations of Adele and Henrí’s adventures.

Here's Adele, in my first drawing of her, inspired by my first trip to Paris.

Adele, in “Paris Rain.” The photo in the background is one of many that I have shot around the 18th Arrondissment.


Adele and Henrí on their way to a birthday party.


backgroundThese two also enjoy ice skating together.


henri-pigeons-hiresA drawing of Henrí engaging in one of his favorite pastimes.


Plus France Bike Basket

Here’s Henrí riding in Adele’s bicycle basket after a quick trip to the bakery.

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