The Dreamtime Journal

I illustrated and designed the Dream Time Journal (author, Ingrid Roper) for Scholastic Inc/Tangerine Press, which was published in 2001 and sold at school book fairs. The book was meant for tweens as a “guided journal,” which means each spread had a different theme and offered ideas of what to write about. Not only about nighttime dreams, the book was a way to explore fantasy as well as real-life possibilities for the future. It was a lot of fun coming up for drawings on the themes. I hope my artwork inspired kids to write out a lot of ideas and to always dream big!

DT.CoverThis is the cover image for the Dream Time Journal. I came up with the concept myself to show the idea that when you dream, magical things happen.

Tower City

This tower city was across the bottom of a page spread with plenty of room for writing about dreams and ideas.


A cute toucan with lemon rind for a beak.

treasure chestWhat could be inside this treasure chest? One of the many vignette illustrations I did throughout the book.


A page spread about sea dreams.

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