The colors of Spring are inspiring

Well, here’s my first post in my new blog location. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged at all, so I feel like there are a lot of things I could talk about. Before I get to my main subject, I will allude to a past and future subject: my voiceover quest. I have signed up for an introductory class in May, so I’ll probably write an update about that after the class. I am very excited to try it out!

What is inspiring me today (and for the past week or so!) are the amazing colors of spring time. I was walking to my yoga class this morning and saw a cherry tree in full blossom, right next to a leafy tree, whose leaves were that super-bright green that you only see when the new, young-and-fresh leaves start showing their faces this time of year. I love seeing those two colors together.

I am also looking forward to a day of brunch, yoga and crafts at my friend Betsy’s place this Saturday. Funnily enough in reference to “the colors of spring” I was looking at the craft I am going to be working on, an embroidery design based on a drawing I did last year. Here it is:
I based my idea on South-East Asian and Indian motifs. The bright green and cherry-blossom pink are part of it, surprisingly appropriate for this time of year! I’ve chosen embroidery threads to match the colors shown here as closely as possible. I started working on some of the green areas last month, so I’m glad to have Saturday to focus on it some more, while enjoying the day with Betsy and her other friends.

The butterflies project is still in progress [today!] and I’ll be attending a Freelancer’s Union seminar this evening about using a website to market your work. I kind of do that already but you never know where the next new idea or beneficial contact will come from. So, until next time, enjoy your spring!

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