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I’ve posted two new original illustrations in The Nancydraws Shop as part of the “Love, New York” series.

Like the others in this group, I plan to create multiple original drawings based on the same designs as they sell, but I also offer prints at a lower price. Its a little experimental as far as how most people relate to buying original art v. prints made from an original piece. Each original is unique in subtle ways; the color and line work vary slightly since I draw and color them at different times. The prints are based on only one of the originals.

Image“Window #42” as seen from my friend M.E.’s backyard in Brooklyn where
I have enjoyed many barbecues and lovely parties.

Image“WIndow # 108”

This illustration is another from M.E.’s backyard; once I had noticed the previous one
I started looking around to see what other interesting things her neighbors kept in or near their windows.
Some artistic license was taken, of course.

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I’ve had a Flickr account for as long as I can remember, which isn’t very long, 6 years (?) and only recently discovered how great it is for artist networking and sharing. There are all kinds of groups to join, and once you join them you may post images of your art to them. So far I have joined the Pikaland group (hi Amy!), What I Wore Today, Illustration Friday, Illustration, Paper Fetish, Good Paper Goods, and Etsy Greetings.

Aside from the obvious and directly-related groups I’ve joined already I need to find the groups that my potential clients and customers are following. I’m thinking NYC- and Paris-centric, or travel and design themed groups.

Other suggestions, anyone?

Off I go!

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