A love of textiles and world culture inspired this series after a visit to New York City’s Natural History Museum. Each butterfly floats above an original photograph of its natural habitat and the borders represent textile patterns created by craftspeople or tribes native to the area.


Butterfly: Scarlett Swallowtail; Habitat: Rain forest, coastal lowlands; Border: Ati Ahan festival costumes and decorations from the Philippines.



Butterfly: Paper Kite; Habitat: bamboo forest; Border: Indonesian folk art wood carvings



Butterfly: Monarch; Habitat: Milkweed fields; Border: Fabric print from Mexico



Butterfly: Euxanthe Wakefeldi; Habitat: Bushman’s Poison; Border: Zulu Tribe beaded necklace from Southwestern coastal Africa



Butterfly: Blue Morpho; Habitat: Sapodilla; Border: Yekuana Indian basket from Venezuela